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(Love Me)

wow [16 Oct 2002|10:43pm]
today started out as a good bowling night. i bowled

that, my friend, is amazing. and then we wont that game too.

but then i did bad. oh well. we had alot of fun, and hot guys were there checking us out. w00t. then i broke blood vessels in my thumb. we had a really good time. sylvia. oh yea!

(: i love bowling its so much fun.
so yea, i just had to comment on my super bowling skills and hot boys checking me out (: hah looky but no touchyyy

oorrrr maybe not lol

(Love Me)

[16 Oct 2002|12:15am]
ricky is in my bed.


(Love Me)

wow dan, you're the bestestesetstestt [14 Oct 2002|10:51pm]
Zw Krillin1: PSATS.
SoliloquyOfaStar: omg
SoliloquyOfaStar: youre right
Zw Krillin1: What a loser
Zw Krillin1: You forgot.
SoliloquyOfaStar: wow
SoliloquyOfaStar: i did
Zw Krillin1: I'm surprised you stayed alive this long.
SoliloquyOfaStar: im prepared@
SoliloquyOfaStar: lol
Zw Krillin1: No youre not
Zw Krillin1: Youre going to fail.
Zw Krillin1: And fail. the SATS
Zw Krillin1: And wind up doing drugs.
Zw Krillin1: And working at McDonalds.
Zw Krillin1: As the Janitor.
Zw Krillin1: And have a nametag.
Zw Krillin1: And the suit will be too big.
Zw Krillin1: And you'll throw yourself in the dumpster and hope your life ends.
SoliloquyOfaStar: how tragic
Zw Krillin1: EVery DAY you'll writhe in agony as to why you still have to live.
Zw Krillin1: You'll scream to the heavens as to why they torment you so.
Zw Krillin1: Hunger pangs because apparrant and they'll rip you from the insides.
Zw Krillin1: You haven't eaten since Senior year.
SoliloquyOfaStar: lol
Zw Krillin1: Dont laugh.
Zw Krillin1: It will happen to you.
Zw Krillin1: You will die alone and forsaken.
Zw Krillin1: Everyday you'll try to throw yourself into traffic.
Zw Krillin1: But by then everyone is the perfect driver.
Zw Krillin1: And they hit hte breaks just before they hit you.
Zw Krillin1: You'll try to jump off a bridge.
Zw Krillin1: But then a magic floaty raft will come and save you.
Zw Krillin1: PARIAH.
SoliloquyOfaStar: lol
Zw Krillin1: Bitch.
Zw Krillin1: The time of reckoning is at hand.
Zw Krillin1: And you are cursed for life.
Zw Krillin1: How's it feel to live the life of POOP?

dan wont wear the star shirt, but thats ok, i still have mad love. jeah.

yeaaahhh that doesnt work for me lol

(Love Me)

[14 Oct 2002|11:24am]
SoliloquyOfaStar: why were you naked anyway
MyPenNameIsBob: uhm
MyPenNameIsBob: i think it came about "you know what would be funny, if we were all just naked" and donald started the procedure

(Love Me)

"i choose to blame my parents for giving me a small bent weiner and an ugly face" [13 Oct 2002|01:36pm]
i need to really do something today.

its all sunny and nice out (:

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i <3 dan! lol [11 Oct 2002|09:45pm]

are you comfortable?!Collapse )

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love the luke (: [09 Oct 2002|05:28pm]
[17:22] Luke: I think they started it in Italy or something. That's why they call it, "French Kissing."
[17:22] kt: lol
[17:22] Luke: Because if you look at Italy, and where it touches France, you can almost see a tongue like, out there between the two of them.
[17:23] kt: lolol
[17:23] Luke: There's mountains, some trees, a guy that Yodels, and a tongue.

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<3 dan [09 Oct 2002|03:46pm]

cause my loose ends are tied to youCollapse )

(Love Me)

i'm brian fellow! [06 Oct 2002|12:03am]
[ mood | giddy ]

that rat needs a haircut!
well, you're partly right, the porkupine is in the rodent family...
all i know is that rat need a haircut!

lol.. that was the only funny part on SNL. i told my mom about the monkeys and when the baby died the mom carried it around for 3 days and it flopped all over the place, and i couldnt stop laughing, and shes like, are you on drugs? so i laughed harder and almost died. and then when snl was on, there was a point on the brian fellows animal safari, when the porkupine puppet started talking to him, and was like you have a pretty boring show, let me make it cool and show you my weiner, and brian is like NO! DONT SHOW ME YOUR WEINER! and matt dameon is like...i wasnt planning on it..?
and i tried to tell her and shes was like, what, the word weiner makes you laugh? and she asked me if i was drinking. always assuming the worst. i'm sleepy
and just...happy.
you're divine...so divine.. the first time i heard that song i was so sad. but after a while it makes you happy i think...i wish mark was on. i miss him.

i love everyonnneeee lol

(Love Me)

and stars may collide.. [05 Oct 2002|10:08am]
SoliloquyOfaStar: nitequil sucks beyond all belief. truely.
Vector Chronicle: Why is that?
SoliloquyOfaStar: it tastes bad and it makes you want to sleep. and then i cant opperate my forklift! its not fair.
Vector Chronicle: Forklift?
SoliloquyOfaStar: lol.. it was a joke.. you know, youre not supposed to 'opperate heavy machinery' after meds...?
Vector Chronicle: I knew that
Vector Chronicle: But it threw me off
Vector Chronicle: Shut up
SoliloquyOfaStar: heheh

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wow [05 Oct 2002|09:30am]
last night, i was awesome. i was talking to dan, and mike and graham and amanda. and mohawk kid and nic, and i took some nitequil so i started to get sleepy, and i remember noone was really talking for a bit, and i went and laid down on the floor. then i remember getting in bed. and thats it. i never said bye to anyone, and i apperently put an away message up, but it was just the huh one, and i shut my moniter off. and i dont remember it. at all. and now i feel bad. sorry.

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hoodies and holsters [03 Oct 2002|10:26pm]
lol yes indeed

put em upCollapse )

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what do i do right [02 Oct 2002|05:41pm]
this kid is the biggest loser. in middle school he had serious buck teeth and spat when he talked. and he was a loser. now, hes got straight teeth, but a patch of pubes on his chin. and hes still a loser. this is his profile-

Hey, sup? I'm kev. most of the pees who im me, u know me, if u dont know me, then im me

A Yo! to all my friends and family......WHASSUP?

vomit. hes in my ss class. vomit. people are so retarded. and then he was like i went to a punk show and it was blazin. blazin? uhhhmm yea...you're punk...

(Love Me)

starry starry nite... [30 Sep 2002|08:26pm]
is on my back..right now! eeek (:

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if moneys such a problem...they got so many problems, think i can solve them [28 Sep 2002|08:27pm]
i think im alittle obessed...

think we should rob them...Collapse )

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I can't waste this feeling on the tip of my tongue [26 Sep 2002|04:18pm]
wake up.
and get comfy. lotsa pics.

I've been waiting a lifetime for this..Collapse )

(Love Me)

[25 Sep 2002|04:01pm]
I nearly thought that maybe she
Could be the one to set me free.
I went and fell again -
There's just something about her, I guess.
I wonder, did she know?
I wonder, did it show?
And now she's gone again,
Seems we're not meant to be friends.
And now she's gone again.
Watching headlights far away,
Aching at the close of the day,
Walking and wishing she
Were sharing the evening with me.
And I recall silently not sleeping.
And I recall her wet hair in the morning.
And I recall the distance I was keeping.
And I recall a birthday kiss she gave me,
And, in her car, to the radio her singing.
I recall the attention I was paying.
I wanted friendship, wanted closeness -
Around her I was hopeless.
I'd catch myself and feel a fool -
It's such a different world in which she moves.
I wonder, did she know?
I wonder, did it show?
And memories like these, they're what I have left -
Memories that, stupidly, I never will forget.
Memories like these: a birthday card somewhere;
I could tell she was awake,
She wanted, too, to break the silence -
If we'd have talked into the night,
Would that have made a difference?

(Love Me)

blink [24 Sep 2002|10:36pm]
there are rabbits in my room. theyre behind me

my eyes

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cries [24 Sep 2002|03:47am]
im so sick im so sick. im so congested and my head hurts and my nose is dry and my eyes are itchy and they hurt and uggggg. and my mouth is dry and burning. and i have to go to school in 3 hours and im sitting here. i can't sleep cause my head needs to be like upright all the time. arggggggg. come and make it all better...
i want get better bears.

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and i wanna nail your sisterrrr [21 Sep 2002|04:42pm]
"you would rule, if you said it was cool, i'd go pick her up at the junior highschool" "that sister! i thought you meant my older sister!" "i just wanna nail your sister! I wanna f your sister! I wanna F her in the a! C all over her chin!""Stop using letters! stop!" "it'd be so fing great! i'd nail your sister!"
lol<------clickity click

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